The over 100 rooms available in "Villa" are arranged on three floors. Cozy and well-lit, the most of them overlook Turin, with a sight on the Mole Antoneliana and Piazza Vittorio.


The tuition covers the three main meals of the day:
• Breakfast: a wide choice of food and beverages is offered in order to begin the day at best.
• Lunch: it is possible to stay in "Villa" for the normal lunch or, under previous booking, get a packet lunch.
• Dinner: like lunch, it is composed of starter, main course, side dish and fruit.
For the latecomers, both lunch and dinner may be booked for the arrival time.


The housing offers a space dedicated to the laundry, equipped with a washing machine, dryer and ironing board.


The whole structure is covered by wideband Wi-Fi connection, which cost is covered by the tuition.

All the students may access it freely from their rooms.

Sala Olimpo - IT room

The computer room, equipped with workstations, scanners and printers, is available to the students for any need.

Cloud platforms and e-mail addresses are freely available with unlimited space.


When searching for silence and concentration, the library is the perfect place. A vast collection of books is available for consulting.

Sports field and gym

"Mens sana in corpore sano"

The sports field and the gym allow the students to have an healthy lifestyle and to consolidate interpersonal relations. Indeed, the sports court is the place where you may play five-a-side football tournaments, volleyball, tennis, basket and many other activities. The gym as well is equipped with all the basic equipment such as benches, barebells, racks and other bodybuilding gear.

Games Room

The games room offers many ways for unplugging during the university routine: a game of billiards, table tennis or table football give a boost for a concentrated and wary study session.

TV room

When it comes to following the Serie A or other championships, in the TV room you will always find the good vibes.

Meeting Room & Chapel

Cultural and informative meetings are taken in our Convention Room for having a cultural insight and staying up to date with the housing life.

Here, every student can find a grand piano, suitable for amusement and execise as well